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Sunday, January 27, 2013

When my grandparents replaced their windows in their hundred year old home, and tore down the barn on their farm, I snagged the salvageable windows.  I wanted to find something to do with them so I could have the memories of the home my father grew up in and my wonderful grandparents.  I have decorated them for my and some other family members homes and every time I look at them it makes my heart happy.  That's what I love to have on the walls of my home.  Since then, my dear grandfather has passed away and I think of his hard work and example every time I see the original dirt and peeled paint on these windows.

This one has a bead board background that I have painted red.  I got cardboard chunky letters from Joann's and spray painted them with a textured spray paint.  I got a wreath for the "O".  To make this window like a shadow box to fit the letters in between the glass and the bead board, I put strips of 1x2 wood on the back of the window frame and then nailed the bead board to that.

This next one I also use bead board painted a soft yellow.  I used faux cherry blossom branches with a bird nest in the middle.  this is one of my favorites!

This one is special because I used a picture of both of my grandfathers.  The one of my paternal grandfather who was the farmer was when we went to Washington for a family reunion.  We were on the Puget Sound and went sailing.  He took the wheel and was as happy as could be.  The picture of my maternal grandfather whom I have never met because he passed away before I was born, was in front of one of his "luggers" from the pearling industry that he owned in Broome, Australia.  I used these pictures in my bathroom that I have a beachy theme.  I just hung the window on the wall, no glass, just decorated it with fish net, SEA letters and sea shells.

This window was fun to do because I love old knobs.  I picked up this knob at Hobby Lobby and it made the window look more like an old door than a window.  I put fabric behind the glass.

This one I made for my sister-in-law for her birthday.  Used natural colored bead board for the background and I used silk flowers that look dried and spanish moss along the bottom.  I put a saying on the front in vinyl.

This one I took a picture of my kids with the actual window in sepia and placed the picture between 2 pieces of glass.  (Had another child after this so she is left out)

These are some of my favorite things in my home.  I think your home should have what you love and not necessarily what the latest style is.

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