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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Common Questions

What is a freezer meal group?  A group of people (there are 10 in mine) who, at home, make the designated number of the same meal (10), freeze it, and get together and exchange so they come home with that many (10) different freezer meals to feed their family throughout the month.  This saves time, money, stress and makes it easier to have a nice family dinner together without all the stress of making dinner on busy nights!!!  My group is going on our 7th year!!!

What freezes well?  My biggest question is what freezes well.  You'd be surprised at what you can freeze.  Mostly trial and error is how I learned.  If you don't know if it freezes, make it, freeze it and try it.  Girlfriends on the Go and Families on the Go are here to help with many recipes that are tried and true!!!

How do I start a group?  To get started, make a list of friends, neighbors, relatives, other soccer Moms, etc...  (you'll want to make sure you know they can cook and have healthy kitchen habits!)
Call and explain what you want to do and you'll be surprised, most will be on board.  Have a meeting to set some guidelines and get started!

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